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We understand that circumstances involving hospitalization are never easy. We'll get you through the process of notarizing your critical documents quickly, so that you can focus on what matters most.

We provide mobile notary services to San Diego hospitals and we are available during evenings and weekends, for your convenience. Please call us at 1-619-677-4848 or email us at info@gostampnotary.com.

We ensure successful notarization for hospital and rehab patients. We look forward to serving you!

​our notary doctor is on call

If you have a hospitalized friend or loved one in need of notary services, please call us right way to schedule an appointment. 

How it works and what you should know


Mobile Notary Public

Call now: (619) 677-4848

  • We will schedule the notarization with consideration to potential medical treatment interruptions and/or otherwise - our notary will be available for a 1 hour time frame.
  • The signer will need to be alert and aware. Our notary will assess (layperson's assessment) the signer's mental comprehension before any documents are signed.​​​​ Unfortunately, if the signer is suffering from Alzheimer's, advanced stages of dementia,or are heavily medicated, or are under the influence of narcotics or alcohol such that they do not comprehend the reason for notarization, we will be unable to notarize the documents.
  • During the signing, if family members are causing any type of pressure on the signer or commotion, they will politely be asked to step outside of the patient's room. It is important that the signer is signing the document under their own will, without duress.
  • For signers that are not able to sign their normal signature due to their condition, state law has allowed "signatures by mark". We can discuss your personal situation in more detail.
  • The signer's family should bring the signer's ID to the signing. If not available, the signer's identity can be validated by two credible witnesses (who do have proper identification) during the signing.